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Karen & family

As i said, this site is still under construction...

To start this page I put a few pics that have meaning for me and a Youtube video below, my first proper edit & I put it to music.  Again, sometimes it flashes for a while but hey, it's short so why not have a look since you're here already?

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Phoebe & Princess Ruby

This is my first real video creation, from my channel "The STuG Channel".

It shows the hopelessness of the final days of WWII on the Eastern front. The Wehrmacht was outnumbered 10 to 1, clearly on its last legs & the battles along the Oder-Neisse were futile & pointless. STuGs are the only armoured vehicles seen.

Nonetheless the Wehrmacht fought well as always, under the astute leadership of Col-General Gotthard Heinrici. Heinrici was probably the finest defensive tactician of the war. The unit we see is not regular Whermacht but is a Naval unit acting as Infantry. Most of the young soldiers you see probably died in the days after 16 April 1945.

The music, "Cotabato" is by Asin and is particularly fitting since it deals with the (endless) civil war in poor Mindanao.