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This site is still under undergoing continuous construction as I learn more, but it's getting there...

This is v49.3     

I've made this site in order to:

a. Claim my little corner of cyberspace and

b. Make it easy for people to find me

    (I come up on page 1 or 2 of any Google search!)


The short Youtube video below is my first stab at making a video.  Sometimes it flashes, I don't know why.  But why not have a look while you're here?

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This is my very first video creation, so be nice...  It lampoons the ridiculous number of stupid & intrusive laws we have in our little city-state of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory.  It is from one of my Youtube channels, "PrinceBuster5".


My other Youtube channels include "The STuG Channel", all about STuGs, a fine German tank-hunting and infantry support vehicle.  The most widely built German armoured fighting vehicle of WWII - roughly 6x more than the better-known "Panther".


Lastly there is my "Joe Stalin" channel- it has hundreds of music videos, largely 1980s/90s and featuring bands I used to see regularly in Sydney growing up.